Thursday, September 18, 2014

I hate seeing people with my ideal body type thinking they should lose weight :\


seriously though we really don’t need any more fucking stories where trans, lesbian, gay, bi, nonbinary, all kinds of queer characters get the shit kicked out of them or outright die to teach a cis het audience that doing such things is bad

Wednesday, September 17, 2014




MisSpelled is the tale of five very different young women who must learn to work together after they mysteriously acquire magical powers.

The girls will have to save themselves and each other from their own magical mistakes. A dark comedy with lives on the line, MisSpelled is a thrilling and comical journey for five young women who aren’t necessarily down for the ride. With a new dark presence growing in power, will they be able to save themselves from impending doom? They don’t know, but they can google it.

An exciting adventure with mystery, murder and magic! MisSpelled is not your typical witch show. With a diverse cast, comedy and thrilling twists — MisSpelled is something you need to see to believe. 

Y’all. Remember how excited we were about MisSpelled? “A new show about witches? Witches of colour, even?? And it’s not even my birthday, or Halloween!!”

Well, they’ve posted everything they’ve got to youtube — a promologue, and four episodes — and now they’re running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the rest of the series. If it’s not successful, then we don’t get any more of the show. Which would suck.

I am asking you guys — begging you, even — to go support the Kickstarter if you can. If every one of my followers pledged $20, then they’d be funded immediately. But even if you can only spare $5, that still gets you thanks on the website and a download of the music from the show!

There are several $12 Charm Bag Tiers, each based around a different character. The charm bags include a tarot card with the character on it (you can see an in-progress sketch of some of the art for the cards in the photoset), a bloodstone, a spell written by the character, and some charms.

And for $20, you can pick a charm bag, get thanked on the site, download the music and the first season after its finale.

Even if you can’t pledge, signal boost this. Go watch the show on youtube. Tell everyone! We have 19 days and counting to make this a success.

Fly my pretties~

The bits of MisSpelled I’ve see have delighted me, and I really want to see them succeed. Please help spread the word about their Kickstarter, and back it if you can!

Oh no, they are at 10% funding and only 10 days left!

Monday, September 15, 2014


Saturday, September 13, 2014

At the mall, chilling with some teenage bitches

What the fuck

What the fuck

amaranthnymph replied to your post:I think a mailman just hit me up on grindr

I hope he uses the “I’ve got a big package for you” line on you or what’s the point?

No like

His profile was like “driving around for now”

And he asked if I wanted to get sucked and I said no because that’s what you do with faceless profiles that try to get at you immediately, even if they show their face

And then I noticed his distance was changing a lot

And I was stupid and went out walking in the middle of the day and I noticed that he kept getting closer

And then like when it was it’s closest I looked up and a mailman was driving down the street

And I looked at him

And he looked at me

And there was sun in my eyes and the shades weren’t helping but

I deffo saw that dude’s face

Friday, September 12, 2014

I think a mailman just hit me up on grindr

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
  • pizzazz: did he say our name yet
  • roxy: i don't think so
  • stormer: well he fucking better
  • stormer: i been sitting on this guitar shaped motorcycle for like an hour